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Most of our training takes place in the Boilerhouse Community Resource Room at The University of Southern Queensland, Ipswich. We have fifteen computers plus a presenter's computer which controls a projector. We also have a networked colour laser printer/scanner and of course a broadband internet connection.

Our teaching philosophy is that the trainer demonstrates procedures through the projector and trainees follow this example, thereby gaining hands-on experience. For most sessions we provide assistant trainers who help anybody who gets behind. Follow the links for details of the Computer Courses and Workshops.

To find the training room, drive in at the MAIN ENTRY at the end of Salisbury Road and continue straight on at the first roundabout. This will take you around the outer perimeter of the campus until you see the Boilerhouse Chimney on your left (Building No.22). Continue on up to the parking area. There is a vending machine for your parking ticket ($1.00). It is a short walk down to the Training room. Click here for map and directions.

Our Boilerhouse Training Facility is provided by The University of Southern Queensland and with the generous assistance of other sponsors.  Note that it is likely we will move to another location within the campus during 2015.

Our Introductory Course is offered at the Internet Kiosk in the Humanities Building in central Ipswich.

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