Seniors helping seniors use computers and the internet


Computer Literate Volunteers wanted and most welcome

“Seniors helping Seniors” is the motto of our not-for-profit club, so if you’re 50 years of age or over and have computer/internet skills already, would you consider joining our friendly team to help with training or join our committee?

You don't need any prior teaching experience but if you do you will find training Seniors a refreshing change - they are not there to gain a qualification (with all the pressures on teachers that entails) but purely for the love of learning.  Our classroom is equipped with a projector mirroring the presenter's computer; the trainer shows the class what to do and the class then follows along on their computer.

Even if you don't want to teach you can still help as an assistant (runner).  That task entails helping any class member who seems to be falling behind in the activities.

Finally we are in the throes of developing basic courses on various flavours of tablet computers (Android and iPad); this again will be in very small groups and you would only need familiarity with a tablet to conduct a course.

Our current programme is covered in the Courses and Workshops pages and you should contact our Training Coordinator John McVeigh phone 3281 8548 email training@seniornet.com.au   - for further details.  Note that all our training is during the day.

Our Committee, should you wish to serve there, meets monthly (first Monday morning) and in the Webmaster's experience offers a good blend of practical work and humour.  You can volunteer immediately to 'shadow' an existing committee member to learn the ropes, with the prospect of acceding to that position in due course.

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