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Because computers and the Internet provide an efficient, cost effective medium for communication and sharing information, they are the ideal communication medium for SeniorNet. This association's major role is to help seniors use computers to access and share information. Therefore, this site has the following objectives:

SeniorNet in Ipswich is an incorporated association of seniors providing computer skills training and social interaction for its members.

An initiative of Ipswich City Council (ICC) in south-east Queensland, Australia, the SeniorNet Project was launched early in 1995 as a joint venture between ICC and the Department of Social Security.

Initially the SeniorNet Training Centre in Ipswich at the Humanities building was equipped with 5 borrowed computers from the ICC and were linked to the Internet and offered members of the association hands-on training ranging from basic computer skills to using e-mail and the Internet.

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What SeniorNet does today is an extension of the beginnings that started in 1995.

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