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All Courses are held in the Boilerhouse Community Resource Room, University of Southern Queensland, Ipswich with the exception of the Introductory Course which is held at the Internet Kiosk in the Humanities Building, corner South and Roderick Streets, Ipswich.

Courses are scheduled to follow demand on a bi-monthly basis (see our FAQ page for more details). 

Course Programme for June-July 2015

Course Programme Presenter
Android Setting up, Basic Tuesday 23rd June, 2 weeks Graham Parsons
Spreadsheets II Friday 26th June, 3 weeks Ken Curwen
iPad/iPhone Setting up, Basic Tuesday 21st July, 2 weeks Chris Weston

For bookings in all courses contact the Training Coordinator,
 Chris Weston phone 3294 0998 email gramps001@outlook.com 

Listing of SeniorNet Courses

Manuals and class materials are provided for each course attended and are included in the Course cost.

Course Operating Platform
weeks x
per Member
Introductory Course Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 4x1.5 FREE
Tablets for Complete Beginners Any tablet 1x3 $10.00
iPad/iPhone Setting up, Basic Apple iPad tablet/iPhone 2x3 $10.00
iPad Skills Apple iPad tablet 3x3 $20.00
Windows 8 Setting up, Basic Windows 8 tablet 2x3 $10.00
Windows 8 Skills Windows 8 tablet 3x3 $20.00
Android Setting up, Basic Any Android-based tablet or phone 2x3 $10.00
Android Skills Any Android-based tablet 3x3 $20.00
Basic Computing Skills Windows 7/8 4x3 $25.00
Introduction to Windows Windows 7/8 4x3 $25.00
Email Microsoft Windows Live Mail 3x3 $25.00
Word Processing I Microsoft Word 2013 3x3  $25.00
Word Processing II Microsoft Word 2013 3x3 $25.00
Spreadsheets I Microsoft Excel 2013 3x3 $25.00
Spreadsheets II Microsoft Excel 2013 3x3 $25.00
Digital Photography Techniques Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 6x3 $50.00
PhotoShop Refresher Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 4x3 $30.00
Presentation Techniques Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 4x3 $30.00
Desktop Publishing I Microsoft Publisher 2013 3x3 $25.00
Desktop Publishing II Microsoft Publisher 2013 3x3 $25.00
Photo Editing Google Picasa 3  2x3 $12.00
Video Editing Microsoft Movie Maker 3x3 $25.00
Train the Trainer (training staff only)   2x3 FREE

Courses and Workshops are available only to Members of SeniorNet

Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Desktop Publishing courses are split into two parts I and II to reduce members' commitment.

Computer Courses and Workshops are supported by a team of dedicated volunteer Presenters, Runners and Librarians.

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